Sunday, April 1, 2012

Magen and Becca Episode 2

Magen and Becca set up their new room. 
They hung up their posters and organized their new desk area. 
Becca:"Now this looks like a real bedroom!" 
*The Next Week*
Magen:"It's the first day of school!" 
Magen:"Becca, Becca, wake up! BeccaBeccaBeccaBeccaBecca It's the first day of school! Wake up!"
Becca:"I'm awake!"
Becca:"Come on. Lets get dressed." 
Becca:"Hi Mom."
Mom:"Good morning Girls! Breakfast is all ready. Help yourself." 
*After Breakfast* 
Mom:"Bye girls! Have a great first day! I can't wait to hear all about it!" 
Magen:"Bye Mom!"
They walked to school, and down the halls, and into their classroom. 
Magen sat down near the back. 
"So, What's your name?" asked the girl next to her. 
"I'm Magen."
"Oh. I'm Cassie. Nice to meet you!" 
Becca found a seat up front.
Becca:"Hi! I'm Becca. What's your name?"
Teacher:"Students! No talking!"
*At Recess* 
Evelyn:"Tell us about yourselves."
Magen:"Well, We just moved here from Utah. I'm 11, and uh, I like to play the guitar."
Cassie:"Cool! My brother also plays the guitar. I play the piano. Do you play any instruments Becca?" 
Becca:"No. I like to babysit. I also like to cook." 
Evelyn:"I like to cook too! I really History class. Do you?"
And so the girls made friends with each other. 


  1. I love all of your cute sets, you do a really great job with the extras and set ups ..

  2. Can't wait for the next one!!

  3. I'm looking forward to episode 3! I agree with Crazy Doll Lady! Love, Gam

  4. I like this one even better than the first! Does it take you a long time to do all of that?

  5. Hannah,
    Yes, it does take me awhile to set everything up, take the pictures, and post it. That's why I only do Magen and Becca episodes on the week-ends. Claire

  6. so cute! i love love love their new room! all your set ups are so creative!