Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Mini AG Doll House

I was inspired by Medf2003 when I saw how she set up her doll house for her mini AG's. She has an awesome blog about her Mini AG's called. The AG Mini's of Snickerdoodle Street. Please go check it out!  :)   This is my doll house that my Dad built for me. I'm now using it for my mini dolls! Felicity and Samantha live here and run a bakery! 

This is the kitchen. Samantha does all the baking in here. 

I painted this little cupboard last needs another coat of paint.  

Now we're in the bakery. Felicity sells all the goodies. Here is a pineapple upside down cake, a pink birthday cake, a cherry pie, a blueberry pie, and an apple pie. On top is a strawberry shortcake.

Here are orange cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts (I need to make more of these), cinnamon rolls, carmel apples, a strawberry lemon pie, and a chocolate roll cake (I'm not sure what it's really called). 

This is their parlor. Samantha likes to relax here after baking all morning. :) 

I kind of ran out of furniture for this room. The dolls don't even fit on the bed, oops! 

Here is their sewing machine. Can you see the little spool of thread?  On the right in the corner are bolts of fabric. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour! 

Ellie Loves Card Towers!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Making Smoothies!

Juliette is making smoothies for Ellie and herself.

I made this little blender with an Altoid tin, a plastic shot glass, and foam with aluminum foil over it. 


Thank you Grace!

Hi Everyone!  I just wanted to say thank you to Grace who made my awesome button!! She did a great job and I love it! Grace has a blog called It's My Life and a blog called Blog Designs By Grace, where she'll make you a button, header, and things like that for your blog! You should go check them out!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Josefina Saves the Day! ~AG Photo Story~

Josefina was helping roll yarn in the weaving room, when her older sister Francisca walked in. 

"Josefina, have you seen Clara? She was supposed to help me bake bread." 
"I have not seen her, but I'll go look." Josefina ran first to their sleeping sala.

There was Clara in her bed.

"What is the matter?" Josefina asked.
"I have a horrible stomach ache!" 
"Oh, I know what you need! Mint leaves are wonderful for that! I'll make you some tea!"

Josefina went to the kitchen, but there were no mint leaves there-she was all out! 
"I'll have to get more!"

Josefina took her hat and little pouch to hold the mint leaves and set out for the stream. She remembered seeing mint there before.

Finally she found it! 

Josefina hurried home and made some tea.

"Here Clara. This should make you feel better."
After Clara drank the mint tea, Josefina went to help in the kitchen.

A little while later Clara came in.
"Josefina, I feel so much better! Thank you! Would you like to play dolls with me?" 

The End

Monday, June 10, 2013

Make An Easy Fancy Dress For Your Doll!

This is just a piece of my sister's leggings that we cut.

Autumn is ready for the red carpet!!!!! 

Ooh la la! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Once Upon A Time...

There was a girl who lived in Paris named, Juliette. 
She was a fashion designer and ate croissants every day!!

After she has designed and sewed her clothes, she sells them in her store! 

Along with dresses and skirts are things like hats, jewelry, scarves, and shoes. 

The first customer walks in.
"Bonjour! Welcome to Juliette's Boutique!" 

"Bonjour, I'm going to a fancy dinner party and I need a a stunning dress! Do you have something that would work for me?" 
"Oui Madam!!" Juliette said. 

"Why don't you try on this dress?" 

"It's gorgeous! I'll take it!" 

They left the dress on the counter and went to look at jewelry.

"This looks like it would match my dress perfectly!"

One happy customer left as another walked in.

"Hello, I'm wondering if you could put together a new outfit for me. This one feels a little outdated."

"I have lots of lovely skirts here"

"What about this one?"

''It's nice, but I prefer this one."
''Ooh! Excellent choice! I have a jacket that would go beautifully with that skirt!"

"I love it!!"

"Yes, those shoes are perfect!"

"This necklace is so cute! I have to buy it!"

"Merci! Au revoir!"