Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Mini AG Doll House

I was inspired by Medf2003 when I saw how she set up her doll house for her mini AG's. She has an awesome blog about her Mini AG's called. The AG Mini's of Snickerdoodle Street. Please go check it out!  :)   This is my doll house that my Dad built for me. I'm now using it for my mini dolls! Felicity and Samantha live here and run a bakery! 

This is the kitchen. Samantha does all the baking in here. 

I painted this little cupboard last needs another coat of paint.  

Now we're in the bakery. Felicity sells all the goodies. Here is a pineapple upside down cake, a pink birthday cake, a cherry pie, a blueberry pie, and an apple pie. On top is a strawberry shortcake.

Here are orange cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts (I need to make more of these), cinnamon rolls, carmel apples, a strawberry lemon pie, and a chocolate roll cake (I'm not sure what it's really called). 

This is their parlor. Samantha likes to relax here after baking all morning. :) 

I kind of ran out of furniture for this room. The dolls don't even fit on the bed, oops! 

Here is their sewing machine. Can you see the little spool of thread?  On the right in the corner are bolts of fabric. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour! 


  1. I am so happy you are bloging now

  2. That's so cool! Have you ever heard of the (retired) AG Minis? They're good to use for the mini dolls too- you can find some on EBay or resale shops (where I got mine). I love the sewing machine & the food too!
    ~Loraine :)

  3. Oh this is BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely adore this! I am so inspired!! Please keep blogging about this adorable little Bakery. Great job!!

  4. What a cute little house for your AG mini dolls! I love all the food in the bakery (especially the donuts). I remember playing in that doll house... good times, good times. :D


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  6. This is such a cute house!!!!! I especially like mini Felicity, I really want to buy one!!!!

    P.S. Wanna do a button swap? I have yours in my sidebar already.

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