Thursday, June 13, 2013

Josefina Saves the Day! ~AG Photo Story~

Josefina was helping roll yarn in the weaving room, when her older sister Francisca walked in. 

"Josefina, have you seen Clara? She was supposed to help me bake bread." 
"I have not seen her, but I'll go look." Josefina ran first to their sleeping sala.

There was Clara in her bed.

"What is the matter?" Josefina asked.
"I have a horrible stomach ache!" 
"Oh, I know what you need! Mint leaves are wonderful for that! I'll make you some tea!"

Josefina went to the kitchen, but there were no mint leaves there-she was all out! 
"I'll have to get more!"

Josefina took her hat and little pouch to hold the mint leaves and set out for the stream. She remembered seeing mint there before.

Finally she found it! 

Josefina hurried home and made some tea.

"Here Clara. This should make you feel better."
After Clara drank the mint tea, Josefina went to help in the kitchen.

A little while later Clara came in.
"Josefina, I feel so much better! Thank you! Would you like to play dolls with me?" 

The End


  1. Brilliant photostory, Claire! I loved your kitchen scene!!! :)


  2. I really enjoyed reading this story, it's so cute!!! And completely true, I often take peppermint tea when I have a stomach ache. Great job!