Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kit Goes Shopping

I'm here at the grocery store. 
Let me just take a look at my list. 
First I need some milk. 
Marie-Grace wanted some more tea. 
Now for some carrots. 
Mmm, I love peanut butter! 
And last but not least, that little bag of candy. 
Chloe:"Did you find everything all right today?"
Kit:"Yes, thank you." 

I just need to load up my bags,
And I'm on my way home! 


  1. Very cute .. glad Kit was able to get everything on her list, I love how the bags just fit into her scooter so well .. good story.

  2. That was a really neat post! Were did you get the grocery bags and the peanut butter?

    Claire, I just wanted to say that you and your dolls rock! I think your blog is my favorite ever and I think you come up with some really cool posts! I know you update often, unlike some of the other blogs I read. I know we don't know each other personally, but I feel like you are a best friend. I think you're really cool, because you've stayed true to AG for this long. But I myself, find that I'm growing out of American Girl. I don't even play with my dolls, or even touch them! I don't know why, but they really aren't any fun for me anymore. After this Easter, since I bought so much stuff for them I want to use it, I think I'm saying bye to AG. I know I was even saving up for a doll, but I can't see paying $105.00 for a doll I'll just lay down in a corner. Last year around this time, I would've given anything for another doll friend for Emily and Kit, but right now I don't really care much about that. This could be for the better. I used to be so obesessed with AG, that I didn't concentrate in school and on other stuff, so that is going to be different. I just wanted to tell you this, because I might not visit your blog everyday like I had been, but I will try to visit every weekend for Magen and Becca episodes. And just to let you know, you are so cool that you haven't given up on AG like some of the other of us.


  3. Hannah,
    I feel so bummed. But I understand, maybe this is just a phase and you'll come back to AG sometime. You've been a great blogger friend! I liked your comments best! Come visit my blog whenever you can.

    The grocery bags came with the Doll Dining set. I made the peanut butter.

  4. What good shoppers you have! And, what a nice market. Love, Gam

  5. That was adorable! I love your grocery store set-up. Using the doll boxes for shelves is so creative, and I love all of the food (especially the peanut butter - gotta love that stuff!).

  6. Claire-I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Congratulations!
    Here is my link:
    If that doesn't work, click on my name (above) and then click on The Doll World!