Monday, March 5, 2012

Juliette Outside

It was beautiful weather outside today, so I went out to see if any thing looks like Spring. I'm so tired of Winter! 
I found this itty-bitty purple flower,
And then I saw this rose. So Pretty!! 
The sun was so nice and warm. 

What a gorgeous day! 


  1. me toooooo! today it is 70 degrees and sunny here which is not at all normal! it just makes me want spring/summer NOW!! i love these photos! my favs are the last two. i love how juliette looks so warmed by the sun and the blue sky makes her eyes really pop!!

  2. Tiny purple flowers are certainly a sign of spring. It's so good to stop and take time to smell the roses (camilla in your blog)! We should all take the time. Love, Gam

  3. Hey, it's me, Hannah! I love those pictures! I love the one where she is closing her eyes. How did you get her to do that? You're very pretty Juliette!

  4. Hannah,
    I got her eyes to close by tucking her eye-lashes into her eyes. Claire

  5. Hey I am in LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG!! I love the pictures of her outside! If you get a chance PLEASE visit my blog P.S My blog is about dolls to! Thanks!:)

  6. Everything looks beautiful and springy, it is not that way here but in that darn inbetween time that is grey and yucky. Wish it would either snow and be wintery or turn green and spring.


  7. Wow! You are a great photographer! :D