Friday, March 16, 2012

Autumn's Art Class

I'm on my way to art class, but first I have to grab my pad of paper. 
This is my teacher. She talked about these paintings for a while. 
Then we had to draw ourselves doing a sport or activity that we enjoy. 
I drew myself playing my flute. I love art class! 


  1. What a good artist your doll is! Are any of your dolls going to be dancers? Love, Gam

  2. Dear Gam,
    Juliette is going to be a dancer. I want to get a ballet outfit for her soon. Love Claire

  3. Great drawing .. I love music too and so playing the violin is one of my favorite things to do. I wish I could draw like that, my drawings are stick figures. LOL


  4. Hi Claire! Autumn looks so cute in the pictures! Do you recommend her? I'm saving for a new doll and she's on my list of 5. The others that are on my list are #24, #55, and the one with layered blonde hair blue eyes, and the one with medium skin, blue eyes and black hair. (I don't know their numbers. But if you look on the website or in a catlog, you'll know which ones I'm talking about.) Which one do you think I should get? And also, Liz is having a giveaway on and she's giving away 3 pairs of lacey doll gloves. today is the last day to enter. I just thought maybe Marie-Grace would like those (if you win). Sorry for such a long comment;)

  5. Hannah,
    I like long comments! :) I do recommend Autumn. You have to be a bit carful with her hair though. The doll with medium skin, blue eyes and black hair is soo pretty! I would either recommend her or Autumn. Claire

  6. Thanks for replying! I think the one with medium skin is pretty too! Oh, I think I forgot to congratulate you on your new doll, so, Congratulations!!!

  7. When are you going to make a new post?