Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Rosemary Cafe

Felicity and Juliette went to the Rosemary Cafe for breakfast. 
Felicity:"Hello! A seat for two please."
Kit: "Hello! There's an empty table behind me. Will that do? Here are your menus. Your waitress will be right with you." Kit showed them to their seats. 

Pretty soon their waitress came.
Chloe: "Good morning! Breakfast comes with a free cup of tea. What kind would you like?"
Juliette: "What kinds are there?"
Chloe:"Vanilla, raspberry, and ginger peach."
Felicity and Chloe:"Ginger peach please!"

Chloe: "Can I take your order?"
Felicity: "I would like the scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon please."
Chloe: " Certainly."
Juliette: "I would like the fruit platter please."

33 minutes later.
Chloe: "Here's your check."
Thank You!
"Good Bye!"


  1. How cute!! I love the first picture of Kit!! I did something like this not long ago! To bad I don't have a blog? How did you get permission to have a blog??? Guess what! I have $62.72 towards my AG fund. I'm getting a MAG and two outfits and a pair of pajamas!

  2. Hannah,
    My mom gave me permission to have a blog.
    Which MAG are you planning on getting? I want to get the curly red haired and blue eyed doll next! Claire

  3. What a sweet name for a cafe! Your girls seemed to enjoy the outing and the wait staff were so attentive. Love, Gam

  4. That's the one I am planning on getting! I think she is MAG #33. Isn't she just beautiful? I also want McKenna's pj's and two other outfits. And maybe the doll dining book.

  5. Where did you get the menu, the cards, and the fruit???