Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mixing And Matching is Fun!

Kit is wearing:
Her Christmas tights
shoes from the Heart dress
skirt from the cozy plaid outfit
special American Girl tee shirt
the Meet shirt that Chloe came in is on backwards to make a shrug.
Felicity is wearing:
tights that I made
a jean skirt that I made
shoes are from Chloe's meet outfit
jacket is from Chloe's meet outfit
Chloe is wearing:
turtleneck from the Sweet Sugar outfit
jeans from her Meet outfit
I don't know where I got the shoes
My Grandmother made the jumper for me.
Juliette is wearing:
the cream shirt from the Cozy Plaid outfit
I sewed the violet shirt on top
the jeans are from the Sweet Sugar outfit
shoes are from her Meet outfit.


  1. Just like in real life-mixing and matching to create a bigger wardrobe! I love the tights that you made. Love, Gam

  2. I mix and mathc my doll's clothes too! I like Felicity's outfit the best!