Saturday, November 12, 2011

Noelle's Birthday Party!!

Today is my party!!! I'm soo excited! I get to wear a pretty dress too!
I wanted every thing on the table to look perfect!
I invited my two friends, Baby Pears and Shasta, to my party.
We ate all the treats up first! There were cookies, sandwiches, and chocolate and strawberry cup-cakes. We had tea to, of coarse! 
Yummy treats.
Then, everyone watched as I opened my presents. This was my favourite part! 
Baby Pears gave me some chocolates.
Next, I opened my gift from Shasta.
I was so happy! She gave me stickers!
My big present was from my sisters.
I ripped it open.
Inside were several different bundles. 
The first one was from Kit. She gave me this cute little lamb!
Felicity gave me this frilly, pink scarf. Perfect for dress-up.
Chloe gave me these two books. I had really wanted them.
After that everyone came to the table and sang ''Happy Birthday'' to me. Chloe baked me this beautiful cake.
Happy birthday to me! I'm now three!


  1. I just love your AG doll posts! You take after your mother in writing the cutest dialog! Love, Gam

  2. Noelle looks so cute in this post!!!!! BB have the most adorable faces! Have you wacthed Toy story 3? If so, don't you think Big Baby looks like a Bitty Baby?

  3. ooh this is a cute post i have that dress too!