Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dress Up Fun!

It was a boring Sunday morning. Kit was typing (as usual) and Felicity was looking at a fashion magazine.
Chloe walked in. ''Hey guys! So...want to do something fun? Play dress-up maybe?'' ''Sure," Kit said. ''I'll  go get the box from the attic.''  
Kit brought down a huge trunk.
''Ooh! Let's look inside!'' 
Felicity pulled out a ball gown.
There was a scarf, high heels, a skirt, a hat and muff, a shawl and a fan.
''I will be Miss Swanson. A beautiful lady who lives at the top of society,'' Felicity said holding up the ball gown and fan.
''I'll be myself in about 10 years. Reporter: Kit Kittredge. The best reporter in all America!'' 
''I'll be Miss Smith. Feli- I mean Miss Swanson's best friend."
Chloe: ''So, I hear your having a ball soon."
Felicity: "Oh yes! It's to be the greatest ball there's ever been! I'm inviting four hundred people! I just need to find a good reporter to write about the occasion. Every news paper should want an article about the ball!" 
Chloe: "I know a good reporter! I'll tell her to call on you tomorrow." 
The next day.
Kit: ''Hello! I'm Miss Kittredge. The best reporter there ever was!"
Kit: ''I like to write down hundreds of notes in my note book, which I keep in my lovely fur pocket!''
Felicity: "Kit, that's not a pocket. It's a muff. The only thing you put in that would be your hands!"
Kit: ''Oh. It did look a little interesting for a pocket."


  1. Simply adorable! I don't know how you keep coming up with these good ideas and excellent props! Love, Gam

  2. Oh, I love these pictures!!! My doll pictures never take that well. I just adore doll pictures!

  3. Hi Claire,

    Aww, how cute!! I just love the pictures and how dramatic your dolls are playing dress-up! hehe :)

    Keep up the amazing posts!

    Your Friend,