Wednesday, November 28, 2012

See you later...

Hi everyone,
      I wont be doing a lot of blog posts any more. I have been loving making doll videos for my YouTube channel, and I would rather devote my time to that. I will still come to do a post occasionally, but most of my time and energy will be spent on my YouTube channel (agandmestudios). I hope you'll come visit me there! See you soon! Claire


  1. I'm sad to see you leaving this blog. It has always been one of my favorite AG blogs and I check it everyday for updates and new posts. I also check your YouTube channel a lot. You're work on there is AMAZING! I loved your newest video!


  2. My fave video of yours is "When you taught me how to dance"!!!!! It's my favourite AGSM ever, and I watch it almost every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did a fantastic job of it!!