Friday, September 28, 2012

Guess Who's Birthday it is?!?

That's right, Ellie's! She had a scrumptious day. 
It started when Ellie was still sleeping...
the others got up quietly and snuck into the kitchen. 

Then they brought her breakfast tray into her room and screamed "Happy Birthday!"
Ellie was so surprised and happy! 
On her tray was a doughnut, some flowers, a magazine, and a smoothie. 
She celebrated the day by staying home from school and relaxing. 
She watched T.V. while she ate her lunch.
She had a hamburger, french fries, and her personal little birthday cake! 
The afternoon was a great success because she beat her high score at Temple Run. 
They had sushi for dinner. 
Then the cake!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Ellie! 


  1. This is so cool! Happy Birthday Ellie!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ellie!!! That is so funny that Ellie's birthday is on the 27th, because Audrey's is today (the 28th)!


  3. Happy Birthday Ellie .. hope you had a great day it sure looked like you did .. Hugs, Taryn

  4. Hi! I awarded you on my blog! :)

  5. Is this how you'd like to celebrate your birthday? It looks like so much fun. Love, Gam