Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Autumn's Birthday pt.2

The girls all put on their new party outfits and gathered for Autumn's Birthday Party!!

They played "Pin the Blossom on the Stem". Elizabeth won. 
Then Autumn opened her presents. 
"Thank you so much!"

Happy Birthday Autumn! 


  1. Hi Claire!

    This post turned out great!!!!! I love the "Pin the Blossom on the Stem" game! That's so cute!


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  2. Hi Claire, such a cute post!Autumn looks really happy! Looks like they had fun!

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  4. Hi! This is Loraine from lorainesadventures.blogspot.com; I love your stories! You are so creative,especially with the "Pin The Blossom On The Stem" game! I can't wait to see your next post/doll story, and would like it if you check out my new,and first blog at the address above. I did my first post today yippee!
    -Loraine :)