Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kit broke her wrist!

"Hi guys. I'm in the hospital with a broken wrist." 
"It all started with a beautiful winter day. So I decided to get out my scooter and go for a ride." 
"But then a chipmunk ran by and I was watching the chipmunk, not where I was going."
"My scooter rolled off the curb and I was falling on the road. I put out my hand to try and break my fall, but I landed on it wrong and broke my wrist."
"I went to the hospital and they put on my cast. I stayed the night in a room with another girl."
"The girls came to visit me and brought me home this morning. I need to keep my cast on for about 6 weeks. I can't wait to have it off."


  1. Oh, poor Kit!!! Get well soon!!! Emily broke her arm a little while back and felt awful, but Kit invited her to a sleepover and she started feeling better!


    -P.S. Is that your doll, or your friends (or sister's)?

  2. Hannah, She's a family doll, but she hangs out in my room. Claire

  3. Poor Kit! I'm sure she'll be more careful next time. Nice hospital. Love,Gam

  4. Oh no! Get well soon, Kit! You do look cute with you arm bandaged up, and I hope it doesn't hurt anymore.

    ~ Kiki