Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning

Here are the presents Santa left. 
In Kit's stocking she got a jewelry box with a necklace inside, and some eye shadow. 

Felicity got some fairy dust, some beaded hair bands, and a DVD.  
Chloe got a diary, a DS game, and a DVD. 
Chloe's big present was a laptop. She was sooo excited!!
Chloe immediately went on line and looked at the latest fashions.  
Felicity opened the next present.  
Kit got a ball and glove. 
Chloe got a snow globe.
Felicity got a camera. 

Kit got an iPod. 


  1. Looks like they had a nice Christmas! =)

  2. Wowee! I think your girls are spoiled, but in a good way. Love, Gam

  3. Your dolls got a lot of great presents. The photos are really good, too. :D

    ~ Kiki

  4. I love all of your doll's presents! You did a really good job! Mine got mostly books, but Addy and Kit got a Nook for their big present, and Emily got a camera for hers, and Kanani got an AG doll for hers. Merry Christmas!!

    P.S. I ordered a horse for my doll's off of eBay. I'm so excited.

  5. Where do you get and how do you make these things???!!!!