Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Baking!!!

Today the girls are making Ginger Bread!
Kit takes the dough and rolls it out. 

Felicity is taking the cookies off the pan to cool. 

All Chloe wants is to eat the Ginger Bread. She loves Ginger Bread!
The girls already baked petite fours and the chocolate swirl cake. 


  1. You sure are making me hungry! I'm really hungry for gingerbread! Maybe, tomorrow or Friday I will bake some gingerbread. These girls are so sweet. Love, Gam

  2. Hi Claire, this is Sarah C. (my mom is your ES). I love your blog, and think it is so cool how you set up your dolls!

  3. Hi! It's me Hannah! I love the little gingerbread your doll's made! They are truly adorable! Guess what! I received Kanani for my bday!! She's gorgeous! Have Merry Christmas!!!!

    P.S. Could you tell me how you did Felicitys hair like that? I want to try it on Kanani:D

  4. Where did you get those ginger bread man cookies? There so cute!