Monday, November 21, 2011

My American Girl Pets

This is Coconut. She is Chloe's dog and her best friend. Coconut likes to run and frolic outside in the yard and play fetch.
This is Fluffball. She is Noelle's kitty. Fluffball enjoys napping on the top bunk-bed and climbing on the sofa.(even though she's not supposed to!)
This is Lady and she belongs to Kit. Lady doesn't like strangers much, but can be very cuddly and sweet if she likes you!
This is Grace. She also belongs to Kit. Grace likes to sleep and she gets along best with Fluffball. She is a very quiet dog. Lady likes to howl a lot.  


  1. You are just overloaded with ideas! Congrats on another very cute post! Love, Gam

  2. I love your pets!I have Chocolate Chip, Ginger, and Toasty.And then a Battat horse. Thats all for Felicity!!!