Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kit's Typical Weekday

This morning I got up.
Then I picked my outfit out.
Brushed my hair,
had breakfast,
and made my lunch.
After that I went to school.
I sat with Chloe.
We did some Math.

And some Science.
I had some lunch.
My favorite game is Hop-Scotch!
When we went inside Teacher read some Geography, reading, Spelling, and Grammar. 
At home I had a snack.
Then I made a newspaper for my dad and did my homework.
I ate dinner.
And went to bed.


  1. Where or where, do you come up with these perfect ideas? You have a really good imagination and you are very organized. Great job! I wish I was Kit! Love, Gammy

  2. Love your blog, Claire! You are doing a wonderful job!! I look forward to reading each new entry. Have a great day!

  3. Yay! another amazing post! Your Kit just looks adorable! My Kit is sick! LOL! I just had to bundle her up in a blanket! So when did you start collecting AG? I see that Felicity looks like an older one, so I thought you may have started a while ago. I started in 2009 with Kit. I have almost everything for kit you had in these pictures except for her lunchbox and her A.E. doll I'm tempted to buy both. Also where did you get the map and the blackboard?