Thursday, November 3, 2011

Doll House Tour!!!

This is the kitchen. Chloe is eating her lunch.
Here's a lose-up on the stove. The little jars have sugar, rice and cornmeal in them. I also have a ton of aprons as you can see. The red box on the left is the refrigerator/pantry. I keep all the food in there.
This is the living room. Felicity is watching a concert on T.V.
The dolls even have a remote.
Here you see the bedroom.
This is Chloe's bed. She loves to read and has a ton of books! The weird looking blue box on the top shelf of the book-shelf is a radio that I tried to make. It didn't turn out as I had hoped... oh well.  
Here's the girl's desk. Right now Kit is doing homework.
Kit sleeps on the top of the bunk bed. She keeps all of her special things on the shelf I made her.
Felicity owns the bottom bunk. She likes to read her American Girl magazines before bed.
This is the bathroom. I pretend that there is a door leading to the toilet and shower area.
Here's a close up of the sink.


  1. You have a wonderful doll house! I love all the things you made for it.
    ~ Kiki

  2. This is an adorable house!!! I have a house for mine. I still am working on it though. Your house is so cool! How did you get permission to do all of that?! I really adore the bathroom and you have given me some ideas!! I have Kit's scooter and can make a stove out of the box! Thanks! You're way cool!

  3. Hey, it's me again! I worked on my doll's house this morning! I tried to make it look as good as yours! The stove turned out great! But the other stuff doesn't look as good as yours!

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